About me

I am a years old engineer living in Brussels, Belgium. I emigrated from Germany in 2018, initially working for Space Applications Services on an ISS planning project but quickly switched fields to work as a Data Engineer and Google Cloud Specialist for Data Minded. During the covid lockdown of 2020 I decided to join McKinsey Digital to see how business is done on a global stage.

My main concern is working on something that feels worth working for. My master thesis was on future energy markets. Exploring the challenges of energy supply in a hopefully sustainable future. Admittedly, In the past I found it rather difficult to find a technical project that is both technically interesting and tries to solve a problem worth solving.

Looking at tech, I am a Professional Data Engineer and Cloud Architect for the Google Cloud Platform. In the past, my focus was mainly on (full-stack) web technologies as well as IoT tech, backend and cloud infrastructure. I also have a bit of a passion for IT privacy and security. Currently, I mostly work with Kubernetes, AWS, terraform and BigData tech like Spark and Kafka. According to some colleagues I'm also pretty fun to watch interacting with my shell. Over the years I built some skills that helped me minimize my keystrokes for most interactions with my machine, removing the barriers between my idea and the execution.

I find data science and ML fascinating but have to compromise and work with specialists in those fields instead of trying to learn it all on my own as well. As a Data Engineer, I am capable of talking to and understanding the needs of Data Scientists and discuss potential causes for model performance issues. In a brief period in 2017/18, I dove into machine learning by applying reinforcement learning to trading systems.

From a social perspective, I have volunteered a number of years in the Erasmus Student Network, where I was appointed as the National Partnership Manager for Germany. In winter 19/20 I volunteered at Hack Your Future Belgium as a coach, teaching web-development and general SWE skills to refugees.

In my free time I enjoy a number of podcasts and books (see reading list) as well as water and mountain sports and exploring cities, people and cultures. For the day-to-day, I recently got a road bike which I enjoy as well.

Technology timeline

Work experience: 2008 - today

02/19 - 08/20

Data Minded bvba

Data Engineer

Software and Data Engineering. Scala, Kafka, Spark, Hive, Hadoop, Terraform, Kubernetes and more to come

10/18 - 02/19

Space Apps

Software Engineer

Backend Development (Django) and Frontend Development (React, Redux)

03/16 - 07/16

Propeller Aero

Software Engineer

Drone data platform. Web and Mobile app work with AngularJS, and Ionic, webapp build pipeline with webpack

09/11 - 08/17

Opitz Consulting

Part-Time Software Developer

(mobile) software development, IoT PoCs, custom AWS CI infrastructure, Java EE, modern web clients, innovation and software architecture consulting

Education — 2008 - today

03/16 - 06/16

University of Technology Sydney

Master of Information Technology

iOS Development and Data Science

09/15 - 08/18

University of Cologne

M.Sc. Information Systems

Major in Information Systems, Minor in Supply Chain

09/13 - 08/15

University of Cologne

B.Sc. Information Systems

Computer Science, Business and Psychology

09/11 - 09/13

FHDW Bergisch Gladbach & Opitz Consulting GmbH

B.Sc. Information Systems

Business Information Systems , B.Sc. , Minor: IT-Consulting

Internships and community services

04/2017 - 08/2017

Erasmus Student Network Germany

National Board member and Partnership Manager

03/2015 - 08/2017

Erasmus Student Network Köln

Supporting international students in Cologne, organising trips, get togethers and supporting them with university and other issues. (volunteer & non-profit)

Summer 2011 (10 weeks)

Opitz Consulting GmbH

Internal IT department support. Focus on Powershell scripting

Skills, speeches and publications


English - advanced written & spoken (Level C1+), language exchange in 2008/2009, 2015, 2016

German - native speaker


Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer - November 2019

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect - August 2019

Oracle ADF Implementation Specialist - March 2012

C1+ Council of Europe English Certificate - Jan 2015


Deutschlandstipendium (Germany): Sept. 2014 - 08/2017

PROMOS Exchange Scholarship: March 2016 - July 2016


RuhrJUG Community Meeting - Dec. 2015 - IoT Cloud Comparison

OOP Conference (Munich) - Jan. 2015 - Influences of the IoT on software development

DOAG Conference (Nuremberg) - Nov. 2014 - Internet of Things Prototype

OOP Conference (Munich) - Jan. 2013 - ADF Mobile review

DOAG community meet-up (Munich) - Sept. 2012 - ADF Mobile review


Project level effects of gender on contribution evaluation on GitHub (2017)

Java Aktuell (Germany) - April 2015 - First one home, play some funky tunes (2015)

Masterthesis: Observation-based Reinforcement Learning Within Competitive Simulations (2018)