My notes about studying for the GCP Architect Exam

An Idea for a new form of democracy

How “life tables” could bring more fairness and equality to democracy

How to conditionally disable modules in terraform

Terraform doesn’t support the count parameter on modules. A proposal was made for a enabled parameter, but this is also not yet present…

Avoiding copy paste in Terraform: Two approaches for multi-environment Infra as code setups

Terraform workspaces vs symlinks and overrides

Dig into API calls on AWS with cloudtrail and jq

While trying to deploy a dashboard for our kafka cluster, I ran into an issue where the dashboard won’t show data as expected. All the…

Test new Kafka application with prod data with Kafka streams applications running on K8S

Or how to pipe messages from one kafka cluster to another cluster through kubectl and your local machine

5 IT tools and skills that save seconds every minute

I’ve recently learned yet another tool that I now, only 1 month later, cannot believe to have ever lived without. Over the last 7 years I…

Migrating from ZFS to MergerFS and SnapRAID at home

A really intuitive file management setup that works great as a linux user and docker enthusiast

An Overview of Categorical Input Handling for Neural Networks

A quick guide to summarize many approaches for handling categorical data (both low and high cardinality) when preprocessing data for…

Visiting the #HambiBleibt demonstration

I visited the demonstrations against the RWE coal mine nearby Cologne and talked to some participants to see first hand how the story is seen from the people that are involved.

My XPS customizing diary

A collection of modifications I did to my XPS to make it my very personal work machine.

Switching from MacOS to Linux — 1 year later

A collection of tools, links and utilities to get you started

How to get Lightroom running on Linux with WebAssembly and nativefier

So… Adobe we need to talk: Your stuff is great, pretty pricy and we all know you’re trying to lock us in, but hey. Can’t blame you. But! No…

What is PowerTAC?

Energy is a major challenge. We are currently using the futures resources and unless we drastically change our behavior, the world as we…

The Dark Side of Youth Mobility

Looking at what happens when young professionals can move around the world as they please and at the places they leave behind

Turning your Linux computer into a screencast station for pareto principle level professionality

A tour of my linux screencast setup to exhibit how to quickly turn a computer into a screencast studio for high quality online screencasts

Turning your Linux Computer into a Screencast station for pareto principle level professionality

No need to go crazy on the budget, add €100 and you’re 80% there

Enabling Tensorboard to see what's happening during training of an LSTM on Keras using a Timeseries Generator

Want to do

A WIP list on things I wanna do or build that are tech related.

Starting to screencast about my thesis and machine learning

I am starting to upload screencasts about my developments of the agent for my thesis. This is the initial video

Should I reinvent the weather?

In my journey towards a powertac agent I discovered the complexity behind the weather server and thought about adapting it to make it easily deployable in a container. Once it's in a container, other teams could quickly start up an instance of their own without many dependencies (really just docker). But then I realized some oddities with the way ...

Letting reinforcement learning based agents learn by learning from each other in competitive environments

Introducing post for my current master thesis about

Getting the capture date in a .NEF Nikon raw file with python

A GPU ready Docker container for OpenAI Gym Development with TensorFlow

Intro post to my Dockerfile, published and open for anyone to use

Show me what you Google, I tell you who you are

Analyzing my own Google Search History from 2009–2016

Letting RF agents learn by learning from each other in competitive environments

The introductory posting to my upcoming master thesis

A Software Engineers guide to taking a year off and getting into AI while enjoying life

So this is what I did: I studied computer science and worked as a software engineer / consultant for 5 years. Now I am in the middle of my…

Spin down HDDs on Linux for extra quiet desktops at night

How to get your hard drives to shut up while you are trying to sleep at night

Choosing the right blog and website technology from dead simple to fully state of the art

A guide to finding the right balance between absolute dead-simple usability and tech-savvy workflow allowing for a range of customisation and control abot your blog or website.

Improve your personal homepage SEO — and let time (bots) do the rest

So you got yourself a personal homepage my friend? Great, me too. But it’s number 24 in the Google search results, even if you look for the…

Optimizing a Jekyll Blog with minification, image optimisation and caching on Firebase Hosting

Moving away from a clean and technical but unoptimized jekyll blog to a CDN backed, more efficient blog with dynamic image sizing and more.

MacOS to Ubuntu Part 5: Wunderlist and other Webapp only / non native Linux apps on Linux

I recently switched away from iOS and therefore also away from Apples Reminders and Apples Notes. I liked them, they were good enough for…

MacOS to Ubuntu Part 4: Browser and Window Management (Window Tidy)

Update: I switched to compiz now which has window management included. check below

MacOS to Ubuntu Part 7: File System setup and I/O benchmark

Setting up a 2 level storage on a linux machine using SSD’s and ZFS HDD

UzK Operations Management Course Summary