Save money on MSK

Let’s be blunt here for a second: MSK is not a mature managed service. The author of that post may have changed his mind in the meantime…

Running through the Google GCP Cloud Foundation Toolkit Setup

An experience report of applying the CFT toolkit foundation steps

Cloud story: Spin down unneeded infrastructure quickly with terraform to save OPEX

The benefit of infrastructure as code and cloud: If you don’t need it, spin it down.

Order in Pubsub, is it a big deal?

Order in publish subscribe systems often isn't assured. But how bad is it really? I ran an experiment on GCP PubSub, testing how high the rate of messages needs to be before order isn't assured anymore

Q & A for recruiters

As recruiters often ask similar questions, here is a quick FAQ. Also a list of questions from my side which I expect to be answered in the follow-up.

An Overview of Categorical Input Handling for Neural Networks

A quick guide to summarize many approaches for handling categorical data (both low and high cardinality) when preprocessing data for…

Visiting the #HambiBleibt demonstration

I visited the demonstrations against the RWE coal mine nearby Cologne and talked to some participants to see first hand how the story is seen from the people that are involved.

My XPS customizing diary

A collection of modifications I did to my XPS to make it my very personal work machine.

The Dark Side of Youth Mobility

Looking at what happens when young professionals can move around the world as they please and at the places they leave behind

Turning your Linux computer into a screencast station for pareto principle level professionality

A tour of my linux screencast setup to exhibit how to quickly turn a computer into a screencast studio for high quality online screencasts

Enabling Tensorboard to see what's happening during training of an LSTM on Keras using a Timeseries Generator

Want to do

A WIP list on things I wanna do or build that are tech related.

Starting to screencast about my thesis and machine learning

I am starting to upload screencasts about my developments of the agent for my thesis. This is the initial video

Should I reinvent the weather?

In my journey towards a powertac agent I discovered the complexity behind the weather server and thought about adapting it to make it easily deployable in a container. Once it's in a container, other teams could quickly start up an instance of their own without many dependencies (really just docker). But then I realized some oddities with the way ...

Letting reinforcement learning based agents learn by learning from each other in competitive environments

Introducing post for my current master thesis about

Getting the capture date in a .NEF Nikon raw file with python

Spin down HDDs on Linux for extra quiet desktops at night

How to get your hard drives to shut up while you are trying to sleep at night

Choosing the right blog and website technology from dead simple to fully state of the art

A guide to finding the right balance between absolute dead-simple usability and tech-savvy workflow allowing for a range of customisation and control abot your blog or website.

Optimizing a Jekyll Blog with minification, image optimisation and caching on Firebase Hosting

Moving away from a clean and technical but unoptimized jekyll blog to a CDN backed, more efficient blog with dynamic image sizing and more.

UzK Operations Management Course Summary