An updated version of this post is available here

I have posted my first video on YouTube about how to do screencasts on Linux with free tools and without having to invest heavily into hardware. I only added a microphone to the mix but even that I had lying around already for recording music. It’s not ideal for screencasts because it is made to record stereo full room sound but it’s a good start.

These are the basic things you need:

  • Good mic
  • Solid Wifi & Upload
  • Smartphone
  • Decent PC
  • Clean background (unlike me)
  • Jack Audio for Linux
  • SimpleScreenRecorder for Linux

To use your phone as a webcam, get a tripod or some books and download this app and connect to it via the browser. Optionally install node and npm then run npm install -g nativefier to then run

nativefier -i ~/Desktop/cam.png -n PhoneCam --inject /home/pascalwhoop/Desktop/custom_css_cam.css  --width 1280 --height

Let me know how the tools work out for you.