Below is a set of commonly asked questions. Please feel free to grab all info that is usually asked for in the “first call” from my page as well as below. There are also questions for you below. If you still see a match after reading the text below, feel free to contact me directly. Also note that it is highly unlikely that I will leave my current position so ideally, we can make this work by your client becoming a contract partner with DataMinded and us working together through this model.

Looking for a junior/medior frontend/full-stack engineer?

I’m not open to such offers unfortunately. But I know a number of people who are looking for a position. They are mostly frontend / nodejs developers with an informal education but lots of spirit and eagerness to get down to business. I got to know them through HackYourFuture Belgium

Am I permitted to store PII data about you in our systems?

Yes. Any data you get from my website is publicly available and therefore you are welcome to copy it into your candidate tracking systems.

Can you share a little more about you?

Certainly. See my website which contains my posts, CV, links to LinkedIn and some personal notes.

What is your desired role?

I currently see myself as a senior engineer with the tendency towards architectural responsibility. I’d also be keen to lead teams in a technical context. My colleagues mostly emphasized my out of the box thinking and open communication as well as my ability to take on a complex problem and understand the subject matter extremely quickly. I thrive in the exploratory phase of a project, finding solutions to hard problems and drawing out how to get to the goal. I work well with a complementing character who takes a vision and works towards the realization of it. While I have a proven ability to deliver, my core strength is the problem solving phase.

What is your current and desired salary?

I will discuss this individually.

Why are you looking to switch?

I am not searching for opportunities. But I am open to the world. Life always changes. If there is something that excites me, I’m happy to work towards being part of this. Ideally, this happens through Data Minded as it is a great team and I constantly learn from my colleagues here.

Can you email me your CV?

No but I can give you a link. It is here

Also, don’t ask if I have a PDF version of it. I do but it’s outdated and I don’t update it. My website is my CV. If you client cannot deal with a web link, that’s unfortunate. Maybe you can contact our CEO and he can give you an overview of me and my colleagues.

When can we set up a call today?

I won’t respond to “I have a (mysterious) position in mind, when can we call today” type of messages. Please only contact me for concrete projects. If you give me concrete facts, the likelihood of me answering is much higher. See questions below.

Do you have any questions for me?


  • What industry does your client operate in?
  • What is the scope of the project?
  • Who is driving the project? Does it have executive backing?
  • How big is the team?
  • Freelance or employment? Individual freelancers only or also through a/our consulting firm?
  • What technologies are required? Limit it to 3 so I know what is at the core of the activity
  • Why does the client need external expertise?
  • How long is the current planning horizon? How many months will I be needed for if an agreement is found?

Why a Q&A?

Because the influx of messages has been stagering lately. So thank you for going through this and being understanding that I cannot invest a 30 minutes call with every recruiter that writes on LinkedIn. The mass in-mail feature has unfortunately broken the network’s usefulness for me so this is a way to filter out mass-market messages from Individual addresses. I’m looking forward to your next message, ideally including some answers to the questions above and with any further questions you may have.